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Based on the Cancer September horoscope , this month will be all about you and your social capabilities. This month you will meet new people and forge great relationships that will play a major role in enhancing your success in the business field.

Compatibility of Sun Signs

The Cancer zodiac sign is a determined character, an individual who never gives up easily. In the past you have had an issue with having people influence your decisions hence this month will be a different one. You will have to create good social relationships that will bring people closer to you in their bid to make you succeed in all your endeavors.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

According to the Cancer horoscope , this month you love life will be at a halt since you are busy trying to create new social relationships that will help you succeed in life. In September , romance will not be in the picture hence married couples, and people in existing relationships will have to bear with the situation until the month ends.

Singles will also not be able to enter into love relationships until towards the end of the month. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Your combination of vision and determination gives you a competitive edge that will carry you far in life. The ability to think deeply as well as philosophically gives you a great understanding of who you are and where you fit into the world.

Today's Readings for You

The energy and intensity you feel fuels your desire to make positive changes for yourself and those around you. Your bright sense of humor, optimistic outlook, and willingness to interact genuinely with others will gain you fast, loyal friends. With the fury of Scorpio and the fire of Sagittarius, your demeanor might seem aggressive or overwhelming to those around you. And since you always need to be on the move, you can get impatient if others get in your way or slow you down -- be gentle with them, they could use your spunk! Your desire to fight for your beliefs is admired, but it can manifest as a rebellious and unfocused frenzy if your energy isn't channeled properly.

You're a firecracker, and you need partners who respect your freedom and independence. Because Scorpio can be a very suspicious sign and Sagittarius prizes truth, honesty is one of the most important things to you in a relationship. You're very attracted to anyone who is passionate about their work or talents, and you love cheering them on!

Fire signs will mirror your intensity and will make fun life partners.

Darkstar Astrology - Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars

A relationship with a Fire sign is full of steamy intimacy, but could have its fair share of explosive arguments, too! Water signs will provide the affection and connection you're looking for in a committed relationship. You overcame a difficult time and now it's okay to let go of what you worry about the most. Chances are the past won't come back to haunt your future.

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Your dreams are safe. There may be a decision that you are hesitant to make because of some underlying fear or thought that you aren't truly aware of. When hesitation comes, ask yourself where the root of the energy lies and how to think about how you will overcome it.

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