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In that situation one cannot expect either of the planets to individually deliver positive results leave alone the prospects of this yoga. The Budha-Aditya yoga is extolled in ancient texts. Polite speech, Fame, respect of the king, greatness, wealth, happiness and beauty all follow a person who has Budha Aditya Yoga in the natal chart.

What if under the given circumstance, Mercury is combust? Some scholars opine that a combust Mercury cannot give rise to Budha Aditya Yoga. The sine qua non for occurrence of the Budha Aditya yoga is a non-combust Mercury. For a conjunction to take place all that is needed is for the two planets — Sun and Mercury — to occupy the same sign. Using this argument this school holds the view that combustion of Mercury is negated by occurrence of Budha-Aditya Yoga. In their view, Mercury can never suffer the blemish of combustion.

Combust Planets

Combustion does its work independently of the yogas……of course one swallow does never make a summer — a thousand might. Our difficulty is that in the thousand not one is the same absolutely as another. Therefore, we ought to look for variations and figure out how and the why on scientific lines, not philosophic.

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The effect of combustion then is always felt and seen. But yogas are not captives of the combustion principle. The founding fathers must at least be credited with the knowledge that certain planets in their yoga formulations are vulnerable to combustion. We find no qualifying classes in the stipulation of such yogas. After a careful and close scrutiny of the relevant horoscopes I have come to the conclusion that conjunction with the Sun does not deprive a planet of his Yoga-forming powers.

Its disadvantages would come to be expressed in other aspects of his functioning The Astrological Magazine, September , page Pravrajya or Sanyasa Yoga is generally considered an inauspicious yoga wherein a person renounces his routine life to take up the life of a mendicant.

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While the quest for spiritual realization is a goal common to all of mankind, what renders Pravrajya yoga inauspicious is the fact that the chartholder is denied the happiness associated with family and belongings. Self-realization is the ultimate quest of all mankind but nor without the allowances for wealth or pleasures. You can look at Pravrajya Bhanga Yoga due to a combusted planet from two angles.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

By denying access to mendicancy, it can effectively scuttle the prospects of asceticism. The fallout of this rule is that it makes a person a spiritual aspirant within the framework of a family thereby leading to krama mukti or salvation in a progressive way. When found in the chart of a householder Grihasta , it makes him a detached witness to family life but does not permit him to shirk the duties, attendant on the breadwinner of a family. Pravrajya yoga can help identify a person who is best suited for heading Ashrams, hermitages or Mutts but in case one of the planets giving rise to this Yoga is combust then the person merely has admiration for an ascetic but does not become an ascetic himself.

Not every fan of Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer. Some have aptitude and training for playing the game while others have a passion for the sport though they may not have held a cricket bat in their hand all through their lives.. This analogy would explain the dichotomy between Pravrajya Yoga and Pravrajya bhanga yoga.

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Bhattotpala gives a clue to determining whether a planet is combust or not. Assuming that a planet occupies the 2nd house from Sun does not mean it is not combust nor does the yoga of a planet in conjunction with the Sun automatically make it combust. The mathematical degrees alone are the guiding principle to ascertain whether a planet is combust or not. Both these learn authors seem to concur in their view that a person who has the Sun-Moon conjunction would be skillful in his work.

Therefore, the combustion of the Moon cannot be considered a blemish. On the other hand, the yoga of Sun with Moon, which inter alia may include the phenomenon of combustion of Moon, would produce a child who would have reverence for pitris Manes and towards God, both laudable traits. A person born under Rekha yoga has neither knowledge nor wealth; he is penurious, hostile, lustful and wrathful.

His mind is always distressed he is disagreeable, having no beauty or grace; he lives on alms; he is filthy and quarrelsome; he is full of envy and rage; he reviles Gods and Brahmins and he in turn is reviled by his wife, children and his whole family.

Combust · Astrological definition of Combust · Astrology Encyclopedia

My humble observation about Rekha yoga is that it is not just three planets should be debilitated or combust but also the 5th house denoting poorva punya must be considered before we judge whether the above effects will come to pass. Further I wish to add, combusted planets increase the probability of existence of Rekha yoga and therefore we need to examine the role of combusted planets in the formation of such adverse yogas. Auspicious events such as Marriage, Upanayana, ear piercing, tonsure are to be avoided when Jupiter or Venus is combust while in transit.

There are couple of exceptions suggested by scholars on Astrology.

Experience and thus Transcend

The evil effect of Venus in combustion is overcome by Jupiter in Lagna and malefics in 3,6 or A person becomes issueless if the 5th lord is combust and is conjunct a malefic. In Such cases though combustion can eventually lead to denial of progeny,Remedial measures as prescribed in Dharma sastra can mitigate the evil effects of such planets and confer the boon of progeny.

A fatalistic approach should be shunned by all Astrologers in practice in such cases. The benefit of the doubt should be given to Purushakara Free will rather than Daiva destiny 3. A planet in exaltation gives good results even when it is in combustion.

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Venus and Saturn do not lose their strength even when they are combust Uttarakalamrta 4. When a combusted planet is aspected by a yogakaraka, the former is bestowed with the power of gifting a Raja yoga. A combusted planet exalted in Navamsa would confer good results in the latter half of its Dasa period. The lords of 6,8 and 12 are inauspicious planets by virtue of ownership of dustanas.

Needless to say, they promote the beneficial effects of a chart not by their strength but by their weakness. Giving strength to them tantamounts to giving the key to a house to a thief or a knife to a murderer. The less empowered they are to do evil, the better it is for the chartholder. When the Lords of 6,8 or 12 are combusted, there is nothing to mourn; on the otherhand, there is everything to rejoice. With Venus too close to the Sun now until Feb. At various times of the year, planets in the sky may fall behind the Sun and may not be visible due to the blinding energies of the Sun.

This is called combustion or not visible in the sky. This is one of the more difficult events in Vedic astrology particularly when this happens within degrees as the significations of the planet are destroyed and the darker energies of the combust planet may arise. If you are born with planetary combustion then when it happens in transit, it is particularly activated. Still if the combust planet is the ruler of your chart, you will always feel a strong impact from the combustion in transit particularly when it is within 2 — 3 degrees.

As always there are so many combinations and exceptions. In natal charts under 10 degrees is usually a problem but any planet within 1 — 4 degrees is particularly damaged. Then there is the odd case of Cazimi from Medieval astrology where a planet within 40 minutes of the Sun goes into the heart of the Sun and is very energized by it in a positive way.

We have a case for that in transit on Jan.